Sharing Thoughts

It’s those that matter.

What matters the most to you? What are those little things that matter the most?

For me it’s writing. I love buying notebooks or journals for that. I carry them around everywhere I go. And I literally mean ”everywhere”. I write about anything. My favourite quotes from books, movies or those I come up with now and then. About my favourite moments, my ideas, grocery lists which I usually forget I have there… I love writing about places I’ve visited or will be visiting. I write about my passions, my dreams, my thoughts that go racing through my mind that very moment…

Eventually that notebook gets full. Then I buy a new one, a bit bigger, a bit different… I love collecting them all on a shelf and reread what I’ve written now and then. I have notebooks from 5 years ago. Some things make me laugh, others make me cry and others make me questions my decisions. Maybe, one day, I will read all those to my children or they will do so by themselves when they are old enough.

That’s what it’s important to me. Those moments.

What is important to you?

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