Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn.

Dear Autumn,

Sundays are odd days. Don’t you think?

On one hand, they are considered – at least by my good self – to be lazy days. Peaceful days and relaxing. Slow and sweet. On the other hand, though, they can be bitter with the thought of that Monday that’s about to follow.

As a child, we used to visit my aunt and uncle, my grandparents and my cousins. A Sunday is probably the best day for that. A good way to end the weekend before the next begins. Well, I enjoyed those days for a while until I realized that the day after, I would be back at school – or work later on.

Today, it is Sunday and a good one so far. The sun has been shining since the morning and the temperature – although it is your season Autumn – is not as bad. With proper clothing on, you can easily venture outside for a little adventure with friends and family. Of course I am not able to do all that this time but my day will be a relaxing one. I plan on that! Tomorrow, I will strong believe that I could have done much more today!!!

The picture included is not an old one, not this time. It’s my new favorite and taken the other morning while I waited to enter the hospital for some x-rays. I love your colors, Autumn! The crisp leaves in those shades… You are beautiful!

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