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Lazy Sundays

Good morning world!

It’s Sunday and that means laziness. Right? Let’s talk about it.
Where I grew up – Greece – the Sundays I remember were always sunny days. Even in the middle of winter, we would wake up to the sun shining above us and with the chill remaining in the air. Not that it mattered. No matter how cold it was, people would enjoy a breakfast, open the windows for fresh air and later on be out and about with family and friends. Yes, they are slow days, lazy days. No one was rushing around to get ready for lunch or the usual coffee time in the local cafe by the sea. From time to time, a wandering musician would pass by, singing out loud and waiting to be given some coins for his work. Other times, someone would put a bit of music and keep their windows open for everyone to hear. In addition, Sundays are always church days. The bells of the local church would toll in the morning, like an alarm. A subtle alarm.

In Germany, the country I live in permanently now, Sundays are quiet days. Although slow too, one CANNOT make any loud noises as those will disturb the neighbors. Everything is closed, except some bakeries and some restaurants. It is the perfect day to gather around family and friends, relax and maybe go out for a movie or to a park during the day.

I’ve spent my Sundays differently. Depending on the country and my living situation, I always have something else I do. While in Greece, and while living alone, I would stick to a routine. A simple routine but one I enjoyed and one that included what I liked. A shower, the making of the bed, breakfast in bed with my dog by my side, maybe a bit of catching up on shows or some reading time… And then cooking, meeting with a friend or two for coffee and finally cuddling my dog in bed for the night. In Germany, it is different. There is no breakfast in bed, there is no friends to meet, there is no coffee at the local place. It’s family time, lunch together, a bit of a chat and then everyone does what they want to do. Or what they HAVE to get done.

How is a good Sunday spent in your country? What is a good Sunday for you?

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