Middle Earth Fashion: Elves

Although Tolkien never talked much about the costumes of Middle- earth’s characters, the designers for the films created some stunning costumers with great detail and thus winning an Oscar for the third movie, The Return of the King.

The Elves of Lothlorien and Imladris/Rivendell wear elegant clothes but with many layers, some of which are not even visible. They prefer fabrics of silk, velvet and lace. The designs are similar, they wear long tunics and dresses that give them height and make them look like there are flying instead of walking. In Rivendell they wear more intense colours, such as blue, red, black and golden, than their neighbours the Lothlorien elves, were white, silver and beige predominate the fashion. Men, in both regions, have high collars and like women, huge and long sleeves. Women wear more airy dresses, larger necklines with embroidery that extend down to their sleeves.

The Elves of Mirkwood, who live further northeast than others and in far more dangerous areas, wear thicker clothes in shades of brown, green and grey which allow them to be camouflaged. Leathery details can also be noticed.

The ones capable of fighting wear more comfortable clothes to have greater ease of movement.

All Elves, either on a daily basis or on more special occasions, wear elaborate headdresses in various designs and some are fond of pins near their collars.

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