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But first… Coffee

Since highschool, since my 15th years of life, most of my mornings have started in the same way. With a cup of coffee. The ordinary kind, not the fancy lattes.

I am not quite sure who it is to blame about this habit that got developed over the years that followed. But really, is there something to blame? Drinking a cup of coffee is not only just a habit, it is a social experience. You do it with friends, family…

Therefore, I decided that coffee is one of my best friends and we will not part ways… Coffee is a soul mate (at least to me). I know I am not alone in this. Through a bit of research, I found out why:

  1. There are people out there who Instagram their coffee. It is one of the most common things to find on that social media page, the most beloved beverage and it tends to be pretty. In a beautiful cup with a beautiful patterm of the cream on top.
  2. Coffee makes my writing better. It might seem illogical to some, but it is true.
  3. It’s the perfect past time habit for those who are earlybirds. The procedure of making coffee only takes time, comparing to other beverages such as chamomile and tea or warming up a cup of milk. Let’s consider it….art.
  4. When you don’t want to sleep, for whatever reason, coffee is there. It is the first choice.
  5. Nostalgia. A certain flavour is connected to a certain place or time of the year… Or even a person.
  6. Coffee break. A two word favourite in any office. It’s an excuse, that is commonly known. But it is an acceptable excuse.
  7. Coffee can assist in romance. There are so many pick up lines out there, even some related to coffee itself. In addition, a date can always occur in a coffee shop for that cup of the favourite beverage.

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