Sharing Thoughts

Weekends and reading.

What is reading for you? Is it just another favorite pasttime you enjoy once in a while, maybe every night by going through a page or two? Or is it more?

For me, reading is a portal to so many worlds. There are thousand worlds out there. Fantastical worlds and the ones we already know exist in reality. For me, reading is not just about taking in the words from a page and breaking them down to understand their meaning. I open myself to ideas and cutlures of others through books. Reading exposes me to many things I would have, maybe, been unaware of.

I want to be with someone who reads. And you should want that too! Because reading is not about education or being sophisticated and a know-it-all. It’s about absorbing stories no matter their genre. And thus, you come to understand people who are different than you and who have lead lives so much different than your own.

Someone who reads will always be open to new things. They will be curious. They will be loving, romantic and caring. They will understand emotions so much better. They will understand you.

Be with someone who reads and your world will not grow smaller, only bigger and bigger. Every day.

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