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Moving abroad and the after.

Moving abroad is probably one of the things I never thought of doing, in the past… Until I was “forced” to it. It was a “family” decision, and me, at the age of 17, couldn’t do much but to follow…. Over the years, I had the chance to travel in various countries and even study abroad, even further from home. Being abroad, living abroad, working abroad is probably one of the best things that will ever happen to you. And one of the worst at the same time…

To begin with, going abroad changes you quite a bit. This trip will take you to places you never imagined being yourself. It introduces you to new people and new cultures. You are in the big unknown. It opens up possibilities and offers you experiences.

At the same time, being abroad changes the perspective you have and the way you see the world. It broadens your horizon, as they say, and though trying new things, seeing new places, coming to contact with foreigners, you are taught to be more open minded and to have respect for others who might be, quite possibly, different.

Moving abroad for a good amount of time will get you heartbroken. For whatever time period you find yourself living in a different country, you are away from the ones you love. Thus, you can only discover your priorities and rearrange the ones you have depending on the situation and as you go along. In general, living abroad and being away from those you call home will be hard, and it will bring out hundreds of different feelings.

Being abroad will leave you with this scent of adventure. It pushes you to explore a city and the nearby areas, to see the unseen and to travel forever.

As mentioned above, moving abroad is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. However, it will also be the worst. Trust me, you will not regret a moment of the time you spend travelling and living in a community so much different than yours while experiencing the culture. But when this is over, if it ever is, you will return back to your “hometown” and what happened before will be almost like a dream to you. Dreams are usually never true, that is the sad part. You only can shake your reality in such a way to see that what you experienced was quite real in the end.

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