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The little things in life are the most important. Not many people say this, maybe because you should look forward to what has yet to come. But the little things are the most historical. They stick to your memory and you will look back to them. And when you do, you will see how full of a life you have lived before.

That being said, we must all appreciate each moment and espcially these little things that happen.

Enjoy your warm cup of coffee or your tea. Appreciate the weather changes. The rain on your window or the rain ruining your perfect hair and make up. The winds. The way people smile when they greet you. Appreciate the laughter of the kids, no matter how loud they are.

Appreciate your messy room, or the house if you live alone… Your nocturnal pets, and generally your pets. Appreciate your parents nagging you about life and chores. The food you enjoy each day, and even the process of cooking it.

Look up and enjoy the sun that burns, the colors of the sky as it changes from day to night and night to day, or when the clouds gather. That one little walk you get to take with your dog every day, no matter how simple of a task it is. Appreciate love and the heartbreak. Every feeling is important and every feeling is worth it. Appreciate the days you spent with your friends, because one day you will miss them so much.

Be thankful about every moment you live. One day things might change, only you will never know when. Be thankful.

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