Sharing Thoughts

Life Lessons.

If you are a dog owner, then you will certainly understand the following life lessons I learned while owning a pup…

  1. 1. Surprise, surprise! You are never really owning a dog. Your dog owns you just as much.
  2. 2. Whether you have bought a dog, or you have adopted a dog, you two adopt each other immediately when you meet. That moment, you both know this is going to be a very special bond.
  3. The first few months with a puppy in the house are the best. You find yourself watching them exploring the surroundings for the first time, running around while chasing their tail and being in a very playful mood pretty much all day.
  4. You find it hard to say no to the puppy dog eyes. Therefore, the dog will end up getting bits of your food, climbing on the couch and sleeping under your bed covers.
  5. The best medicine to your sadness is the moment you dog comforts you either by sitting next to you or licking away your tears.
  6. ”Am I a a good owner?”… There is this question you ask yourself over and over for years. Do you deserve all the love you get from your dog? Of course you are!
  7. You cannot hide a single thing from your dog. No counter or table is high enough, no door is shut tight, no cupboard will hide the smell of treats and goodies.
  8. Having rescued a dog is one of the best things you could do. Those dogs specifially will give you more love than any other.
  9. There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners who mistreat dogs.
  10. The excitment you feel after a long day of work, knowing you will return to your favorite companion and he or she will be freaking out at the door, waiting to jump and get a hug.
  11. Any sad dog movie will destroy you for days to come.
  12. Losing your best friend will cause you inexplicable pain. It will be just as strong as when a family member passes away.
  13. Every time you forgot about your playing session or every time you yelled at them because of a bad mood or something they did wrong, you are going to regret.

Dogs are the purest, kindest souls and sources of love we have. We are lucky to have them even for a while in our lives. We should cherish every moment with them and never think twice about spending a bit of extra money for them.

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