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One more Harry Potter fan.

Let’s talk about the most famous published series of books… Harry Potter and…. (insert all titles here). We all know that the wizarding world of Harry and his gang is not going to close its doors any time soon due to more movies in the making (Fantastic Beasts series)… Even if we never hear from the characters again in the future, the series mean so much to me that I ever imagined when I first picked up the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone at the age of eight or nine… I remember it was a gift from a colleague of my father and it took me about a year after it was brought to me, to even read it. This decision, however, changed the opinion I had for books and it set my imagination free, in several ways.

  1. To begin with, I discovered the beautiful worlds only books offer. I was not so used to read bigger books. The worlds I knew were mostly through the movies I watched back in the day. I became engrossed in the world of the Potter boy to the point my parents were concerned. I cared for those books, their pages and every single word that was written on paper.
  2. I am a mix and match of several characters now. Maybe I would have ended up as Lavender Brown, witless and a materialistc girl. Or maybe I would have ended growing to be more like Luna Lovegood, a dreamer who does not care much about the opinion of others. Today, I feel more like a Hermione while knowing what I want in life, what I am doing, where I am going and being proud of my few abilities. But I am a Lovegood, a dreamer. I am a Ginny, brave and quiet at times… And I am so many more.
  3. I filled in the hours of loneliness by reading the books. Books, other than pets, are the best companions one can have. Since then, I have gathered quite a few books in my collection, some bigger, some smaller, and all of them offered me great company during rainy days, travels and hours of loneliness at home.
  4. I learned about relationships. Not only the romantic ones, but about friendship, hatred… From a young age, I came to know what I want from people in my own life and I started recognizing the important traits in them. I grew closer to some teachers at school. I distanced myself from people who were not the best of characters. And I kept close the people who showed loyalty to me. To others, I gave second chaces or no chances at all. And in the end, I found those I call best friends like Harry did for Ron and Hermione.
  5. I decided for the future and what it would include. To begin with, I decided what I wanted to become and I studied for it. I graduated with good grades (not the best!), and I also decided that my life would certainly include books and writing of my own.

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