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These early hours…

Morning. As the sun peeks through the half open curtain of the window, I lay there awake and yet somewhat asleep still. The dreams of the night are still vivid and, sometimes, I wonder how on earth they came to be.

In those moments, I begin to wake up, realizing what day it is, what time and what I have to do over the course of the day. Finally, with a bit of motivation, I jump to start my day.

Most of the time lately, I simply figure out that I have plenty of free time in my hands and that I should not waste it. It is a precious thing. I sit back and calm down. Those are the day I love and prefer, truth be told, although I am a morning person.

On those rare occassions, I begin with tending to myself by putting on freshly washed clothes or a new pair of new pajamas after taking a warm enough shower. I brush my hair, put on warm slippers and even add a bit of perfume. Then I feel like a human and not a half awake zombie.

A quick round in my bedroom is what follows. The windows are pulled open for the fresh air to slip in, I make my bed and I grab my laptop. The sunlight simply makes everything better even though in a country such as Germany, that is a rare treat that I have come to live with it.

Finally, with a fresh mind and awake enough, I run downstairs to gree the family, my dogs and make my own highlight of the day. A warm cup of coffee along with a bit of toast, butter and marmalade is all I need in the morning. During a busy week, I rarely get to enjoy this little pleasure as I want to. Luckily, with my parents occupied by the morning news on TV or already working, I am able to return back to my own little heaven, accompanied by the dogs who probably plot on stealing my breakfast than sharing some cuddles with me. I catch up on the news that interest me, my favorite series, the youtubers I love watching and even get on to some writing.

On other occassions, when I find myself alone in the house, I prefer to take my breakfast in the garden. Currently it’s summer and the weather has blessed us with warm and sunny days. In the morning hours there is an additional light breeze that cools you down a bit and allows the nature’s scents to spread. The seasonal flowers are on full bloom, the dew drops can still be seen on the petals and the silence rules the air.

A morning routine is what puts in the good mood. It all depends on how you see yourself and how you allow yourself to wake up!

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