Sharing Thoughts

Little things that are worth enjoying.

  1. Kisses. It doesn’t matter if they are first or not (although the first ones are always the best!).
  2. The sound of rain against your window.
  3. Hugs.
  4. The wind against you while driving.
  5. Rereading favorite books.
  6. Full moons.
  7. Jumping into a pool or diving into the sea on a hot summer’s day.
  8. Animals.
  9. Seeing a rainbow. That never gets old.
  10. Feeling confident and beautiful after a new haircut.
  11. Late night conversations.
  12. Birthdays and Christmas.
  13. Naps. I am talking about those that do not require an alarm.
  14. Cozy, fuzzy slippers or socks.
  15. Coffee shops.
  16. Music. Old or new.
  17. Taking goofy pictures.
  18. Traveling.
  19. Warm, scented bubble baths.
  20. Reuniting with friends.
  21. Bubble wrap. You love popping it!
  22. Feeling alive!
  23. Love.

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