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Autumn, an Introvert’s Dream

We are just at the beginning of Autumn and this means the fun is just beginning. There is still so much to look forward to, like Halloween, pumpking picking (if you are into that), visiting the local markets filled with seasonal goodies and much much more. Those of us who belong under the category of introverts tend to enjoy this season, as I have noticed. We open our windows and let the cool breeze in every day, we search for the big cozy sweaters and sip our hot drinks…

In fact, having an affinity towards this season is not an accident. The season of fallen leaves and rainy days and cold has long been connected with the time to start anew. Think of it. September has always been the month for new beginnings. While at school, this month was all about school supplies, new clothes and new friends. Or old friends… But introverts… Our rejoice goes beyond the new beginnings.

A. Cold Temperatures = Fewer people outside.

Or so we hope at least. It depends on where we live. Most people don’t like the bitter coldness of Autumn. They have little interest in spending their time outside when it’s cloudy and rainy. Introverts have no problem with this. Introverts love how they can go for longs walks and enjoy the somewhat-more-silenced streets. They find inspiration in this.

B. Lots of inspiration.

Autumn provides a certain kind of atmosphere, one which cannot be found in any other season. The trees are changing colors and shed their leaves, the days are shorters and night time is longer – which is amazing if you are a Night Owl. Everything in Autumn teaches us of letting go.

C. More reasons to stay inside.

Or excuses, if you want. Now that the gloomy weather and rainy days are upon us, introverts do not feel bad if they choose to stay inside. Movie nights, reading hours or cooking are some of the best activities one can spend their time doing when not outside or when not in a friendly mood.

D. New beginnings.

Alright, it all goes back to new beginnings. Starting over is important. It’s an opportunity this season brings along. If you are an introverts, you would do anything to hide your past mistakes and be able to start fresh. So this is the chance! You can pick up a new hobby or find time to return to an old one. And what better time is there than now? When the season is offering inspiration and brilliant ideas?

2 thoughts on “Autumn, an Introvert’s Dream

  1. It is closing in on winter by the time I read this post, but as an introvert myself I can find some of above still applies. And it helps me feel a bit better about my choice to stay inside and drink coffee and write. Thanks!


    1. Unfortunately, while there is a Pandemic and more restrictions on the way, there is not much one can do!
      I’ve always been an introvert and Autumn, as well as Winter, have been the two seasons I love spending extra time inside with books, coffee and good company if possible. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my little post and thank you for commenting! Hope to hear from you soon again.

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