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Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing moments in familiar places? You know, those moments you shared with a special someone somewhere. When time has passed and you feel like a complete different person. Or maybe you’ve moved on in your life. When some wounds have healed and now there are only scars. When you have figured out how to go about your every life again, when you got this routine.

Just think of this… You are sitting in that same coffee shop you used to go to. It’s a rainy day of autumn, or maybe a sunny day of summer. Or a day in December when every window is decorated and festive. And you hear the barista call their name. You feel tense and you look up from your own cup of coffee to take a look around. And then you relax as you sigh in relief. It’s not them. Maybe you are a bit disappointed too.

But just like that, your head is flooded with all those memories and you wonder how they might be doing, wherever they are. I am sure you have caught yourself in such a moment before. Sometime. So, you sit there, by the window of the coffee shop, looking at the ones passing by, watching everyone going on about their routines and simply wondering. You wonder what would have happened if you saw them again. And maybe your heart and mind play a game of tug of war between your wishes to have seen them and never wanting to see them.

But as you sip that warm cappuccino you ordered and feel the weather change with each passing hour, you are reminded of the changes in your relationship as well. As the seasons change, so do people. You did too, he/she did too. Over time, you fell apart like the falling leaves of autumn, no matter how much you tried to keep things together.

It really is interesting to see how everything could fall apart just like that. So quickly. Once, they had naturally fallen together. So how could that happened? And now you look at those scars but you are also thankful for the good moments you had. You are thankful for the lessons that were taught. And you realize how much you’ve healed and how much you’ve grown as a person since then. And you realize it’s okay to miss them from time to time… Or simply to reminisce those moments in such familiar places.

And just like that, you snap back to life. Maybe a sound made you come back to life. Maybe it’s just reality that slapped you across the face. You take a deep breath, you blink away all memories, you stand up and you take a glance around the coffee shop’s coziness. Then you smile and you continue with your day.

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