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Look Up.

It’s easy to get stuck, isn’t it? We all get stuck at times. In all sorts of things. Relationships, jobs, hobbies… We can easily find our feet stick to the ground and our minds to problems.

It’s a cycle and it can be vicious. You know it. I know it. Many of us also fall into that glorious age group when you’re supposed – at least according to others – especially to have a career, make money, have an apartment or a house of your own, start a family or at least be close to marriage and be healthy and keep up with everyone! Right? It’s that simple….

Well, I got news for you. If you are there now, you can get out. Just step out of it! You don’t have to get stuck in that cycle. That’s the good news! You can learn how to navigate through those cycles and jump in or out easily when you want or you feel like it’s the right time.

For me, one is the trick that does that: I look up at the sky. I peak out of the window in the morning or during work when things get too much and I am about to get overwhelmed with stress. I look at the clouds and sometimes, I am lucky enough to see the stars at night. Anyway, just look up. And why? Oh, the world is easy to push aside and forget for that little moment when you look up.

Now, there’s something more about the sky you might have noticed. It’s that one ‘thing’ you don’t know where it begins or ends. The sun is shining over you just like it shines over other people – billions actually. If there is a cloud above you, you know it’s not the same cloud for everybody else. If it’s raining over your heart – and umbrella -, there are billions of places where it’s not raining. But you also know that the sun is the same sun that shone over your great-great-great- grand parents and theirs. The moon – although it’s the same like the sun – it’s in a different place when you see it. Sometimes, you can’t even see it! But it’s there. Right?

My advice is: take five seconds out of your day to notice this and you will have given yourself a little gift! You will have given yourself perspective. And when you look up at the sky during those five seconds – if not more – I hope it reminds you that your world is infinite. You might be missing something right now, but there’s no limit to what you can achieve over time. I hope it reminds you that your world is moving. Maybe you are stuck now, but you are also in motion and tomorrow, it might be different. Like the world is moving forward, you are growing too. I also hope it reminds you that there is always something you have not seen and it’s beautiful. I hope you see your possibilities and your dreams!

Oh sure, there are always going to be forces that try to keep you down. Gravity always does that. Problems will be added too. It’s easy to get stuck but you were not made for that. You were made to be infinite, to grow and dream. You were made to have your head in the clouds, as we say. Just look up and see for yourself!

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