Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Let me explain…

I was born during a summer month but that season has become so unbearable for more now. July, even though it is a wonderful time for the beach, seems like it’s trying to hug me so tight that I suffocate slowly. I am much more in love with you, now, Autumn. And I find myself in this need to keep you company once again.

As you progress with each day, I catch myself watching the leaves changing and slowly falling to the wet ground. Oh no, you do not always bring the rain, but the grass seems to be wet every day now. Frost does that too.

I love my city during your time of the year. The scents, the colours and the cold make me want to buy school supplies again. I would gladly buy a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils instead of some flowers. I would gladly walk into the first bookstore and browse through notebooks and sharpeners, bags and folders like I did when I was a child.

Thank you for these wonderful days, Autumn.

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