Sharing Thoughts

This hour.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of this morning hours. I’ve been a biggest fan of the night hours, being a night owl and all that… but that’s a story for an other time.

In those brief moments between being asleep and awake, my brain, most days, yells to me that I am late. That it’s about time to get off my bed. On occasion, I manage to calm myself, remembering that it is the weekend or my day off. On other days, though, I bounce out of bed and run like a mad woman, getting ready for word.

Today, however, was one of the first. It’s a day off, plus Easter time is almost upon us here… I did bounce out of bed, after an hour of cuddling with my dog and the pillows. But all I had to do is take care of the little things, like brushing my teeth or pressing the magic button for the coffee to be prepared… Seeing that the sky is like Andy’s wallpaper in Toy Story, I pulled up the curtains and even opened the windows to let some morning air in and some outside background noise to fill my room.

And then, I rushed into the kitchen, following this familiar scent of freshly brewed coffee. Oh, I poured myself a cup of that magic potion!… And I returned back to my bedroom. It’s not cold but my feet went immediately under the blanket. It’s the perfect weather for crawling under freshly made covers and yet, not covering yourself fully.

Finally, I opened my laptop and got on here, for you, and because I want to wish you all a good morning before I got back into watching an episode of two or something or catch up with other emails, comments, likes and people.

It’s the little things that matter. Like this moment.

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