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Stay cool in a heatwave.

How to stay cool during a Heatwave… That is a very good question for such a time. I don’t know about you, but Germany is currently facing really high temperatures – something that is unusual for this country – and I am still trying to find good ways to keep the house cooled down…

Here are a few little tips:

  1. Spray bottles filled with cool water in the fridge are perfect for such times. You can use them in the car, the office or the house. Just spray a fine mist on your face and pulse points.
  2. Keep any curtains closed. If you have shutters, the better! If the air is hotten outside, closed windows are a must.
  3. Move to the lower parts of the house. Even if that means the basement. Hot air rises, as science says.
  4. DIY. If an air con is not easy to get, then purchase a box fan. They can be useful as they are, but placing a tub of ice water behind the fan is also another idea. Sooner or later, the cool air will be pulled away from the tub and help you cool down.
  5. Take an iceblock in bed. It might sound weird, but one of those ice packs used for cooler boxes can be used in a towel and kept in bed.
  6. Drink water as much as possible. Make sure you have placed enough water bottles in the fridge and keep dehydrated during the day!
  7. Choose loose fitting clothes. Preferably in light colors.
  8. And a bonus tip: Eat more ice cream!

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