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🍂 Ways to fall in love with in Fall

We have entered September and even though we are not that far into the month, autumn is on its way! Summer’s over and people are back in the ”normal”, the ”every day” routine. Personally, I have always loved autumn. It’s not too hot but also not too cold. The leaves are turning in all those shades of orange, red, green and brown. They slowly fall. And we reflect on the year that has passed.

It’s a bittersweet time. The days get smaller, the nights come faster. This is a time that can represent barrenness or the preparation for renewal. I prefer the latter.

As Autumn progresses, we must also release and let go of the weight that is holding us back. The season should help us at shedding the parts of ourselves that we need to let go of. We don’t have to change, not entirely at least, but adjust in order to blossom new ideas, deepen our relationships with others and ourselves and grow.

As you think about the ”leaves” of yourself that are letting go, it is the perfect time to find a cozy spot and comfort yourself in the process with all the delights of the season. Here are some things anyone can do to fall hard this autumn:

  • Practice prositive affirmations.
  • Always have a bit of time in the day to slow down.
  • Purchase cozy sweaters, blankets, socks.
  • Read a book, or two… Or a hundred.
  • Drink a cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee or pumpkin spice if you wish. Or, if you are old enough, a neat whiskey.
  • Purchase candles with scents of autumn.
  • Take long warm baths. The candles you might have bought will be a plus.
  • Cook your favorite meals.
  • Sit outside by a fire. Or inside if outside is not the best idea.
  • Drive around in the country side.
  • Catch up on some rest. Treat yourself as much as it is needed.
  • Write.
  • Decorate.

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