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The parents. The seniors. We love them and we hate them and we could’t live without them. They deserve their own little post in this blog, it was about time I did it. Afterall, without my parents, I would have disappeared under the pile of my own dirty laundry (from the past) and the unwashed plates and mugs.

All the way through my childhood, I believe there was absolutely nothing my Dad couldn’t fix and that there was absolutely nothing my Mum didn’t know. Seriously! All the other parents were average and plain to my eyes. My parents just my superheroes. They were just better than anybody else, just because they were mine…. And yet, as I grew up along with the development of my personality, my feelings and my opinions, I started noticing the little cracks in the foundation of what I thought before.

One day, I began to disagree with my mother on things and we would argue for days at a time. Or I’d notice something negative about my father. Don’t get me wrong! I still think my parents are the BEST but I also know they are humans, and thus not perfect. Flaws and all.

I am not a parent myself, at least not yet. But I am sure that the job of a parent is no joke. I know that because as a teenager, I was a million miles far from being easy and I honestly don’t know how my parents did it. As a child, I thought raising a kid is just easy. But that happened to me by two people who I believed were the experts on that. Obviously, now I know that parents don’t get a manual and they definately don’t have magical superpowers. And you would think that after the child is grown and can take care of itself, they can finally sit back and relax, breathe a sigh of relief. Not at all! They spend the rest of their lives worrying about you. Where you are, what you are doing, how you are doing, if you have forgotten anything on. The job of a parent doesn’t end. Ever!

Many times, and may of us, we resent out parents for things they do not let us do. Especially when we are young. However, you should always remember that they are doing so because you are their responsibility. They want you to be well. Not screw up. And if your parents are doing so, then you are lucky, my friend!

I won’t get into details here. Not today. But, basically, give your parents a break sometimes. They’re humans. They need a little break since they are not machines meant to care only for you. When I realised that, my relationship with those two depicted in the picture above just became far, far easier.

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