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Be gentle…

It has been a hard year for all of us. 2020 started and then chaos happened with quarantines and lockdowns all across the globe. But now, the holidays are upon us and things are not looking that much better…. My advice is: make sure to have compassion, for you.

2020 had been a long year and for a while, it might have felt like it was not going to end. In a few weeks, though, we are walking into a new year. It’s just a matter of days.

So, let’s make a promise to each other right here. Right now. Let’s promise that this holiday season we won’t allow others to pressure us into finishing another year strong. Let’s just feel proud that we made it. Let’s not take more than we can handle. Instead, let’s nurture ourselves the proper way.

It’s about to take some time to sit back and celebrate the months that have already passed, no matter how bad they were really. Let’s accept that what we all achieved this year was simply enough. We all did the best we could, we chose to walk away from situations and stay in others when we felt like it was the right decision. Whatever decisions you took this year, they brought you to where you are now. To this exact point. So… be proud of that. Be proud of yourself.

If you have to say goodbye to chapters, then so be it. New things will begin in January. Forgive and forget. Move on. Give yourself the chance to start again.

This holiday season, stay true to who you are and keep in mind that whatever happened, you will be okay!

Will you promise that to me? I do to you!

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