Letters to Spring

Letters to Spring.

Dear Spring,

Welcome. You are finally here… Everyone loves you because you’re the reason that comes after the cold days of winter. At least for the ones here in the northern continents of the world.

Things warm up day by day, the flowers begin to bloom, the spring allergies comes along, the colors become vibrant and the birds sing in the odd hours of the day even! We don’t have to bundle up either when we venture outside or during the night.

Yes, everything is looking up around this time of the year, but the weather…. The weather is a complicated matter. Sure, you come along with the sunny days and the warmer temperatures, but these last one or two days and then you dump a whole lot of wind, rain and frost on us.

How about what? What’s up with that? Have you been collecting all this rain?

The last couple of days, however, you’ve been giving up this chance of enjoying some outdoor time. The sun has been shining just enough and sunglasses are pulled out from pockets and bags. Finally!! Unfortunately, everybody runs outside for a bit of fun, and that is the only negative part of it. At least if you dislike the crowds.

So, we get it. You are spring and everybody loves you, but internally, we are all plotting against you!



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