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Let it go.

This last two months, maybe a bit more, I’ve learned a very important lesson. Pretending that something doesn’t affect you in any way – especially a negative one- doesn’t reduce the impact it can have on you and your mental health. Surely, ignoring some emotions is a very tempting thought and something many of us have tried to achieve before. Especially if we believe that feeling and expressing that negativity in any way shouldn’t happen.

But hey, ignoring your emotions doesn’t make them disappear immediately. If you hurt because of a heartbreak or a loss, then you will hurt for a good while. Eventually, as they say, time will heal. Sometimes it does but in other cases in doesn’t and you just exist there, still trying to hide your pain. Feelings that are left unaddressed tend to show up in other ways, worse ways. Resentment, anger, stress…. You name it.

Being able to acknowledge that something hurt you and that you are currently still in that state mean you are able to feel that and that you work through the pain and the experience in your own time. It’s important to be curious about our emotions and willing to process them, make them more manageable and reduce some of their impacts on us.

It’s always important to check in with yourself and make time for feeling and dealing. What do you think? Have you ever experienced something similar? How do you deal with your emotions then?

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